How to lock iPad Screen from Flipping Vertical to Horizontal, Portrait to Landscape

It's pretty annoying, when you are reading a book or article in iPad and suddenly it turns itself from Vertical to Horizontal, or you can say flip itself from Portrait to Landscape. Doesn't matter, whether you like Horizontal iPad or Vertical iPad screen orientation for reading, but you surely don't want to switch between them with slight movement in hand. I was frustrated and furious about this problem, until I found the solution to lock the screen orientation mode in iPad. Since I am a first time iPad user, I found it really tricky, where important functionality are hidden with two tap, three tap etc. Since iPad only offer one button, HOME button, we always tend to use that, but many user doesn't know that you can different functionality from that button if you press them two times or three times in quick succession. Suddenly I realize that after two quick tap on iPad HOME button it opens task bar, which we have seen while closing iPad apps, now the trick is if you move that task bar towards left, you will see volume and brightness control, but also a lock icon, which can lock screen orientation. Yes, that's a good discovery for me :) , by using that lock icon, you can prevent iPad Screen from flipping between horizontal and vertical orientation. Here is quick step and snapshot to lock Screen in iPad :

Steps to prevent iPad Screen Flipping between Horizontal and Vertical

1) Double tab on iPad HOME button, it will open task bar.

2) Move task bar towards left by sliding it using finger

3) Now you can see an icon towards left side, that is used to lock screen orientation in iPad. This icon can stay in two mode, lock and unlock. In Unlock mode, as soon as your iPad detects motion in orientation, it switches from portrait to landscape and vice-versa. While in Lock mode, Screen doesn't flips, it remains in same mode e.g. if left vertical than it will remain vertical and similarly if left Horizontal, it will remain horizontal, even if you move your iPad upside down or from left side to right side. Here is the screen shot of iPad in Screen unlocked and locked mode :

iPad Screen in Unlocked mode

iPad Screen in Locked Mode

That's all guys, by locking your iPad Screen orientation, you can get rid of this annoying problem of screen flipping in iPad and you can enjoy your couch surfing or reading in iPad, which I guess, best use of iPad.

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