How to close Apps in iPad and iPad Mini 4G - iOs 6 and 7

Another surprise for me in my iPad learning journey was, clicking Home button doesn't close your iPad apps. If you are new iPad or iPad mini user like me, who has no background in using any Mac products including iPod, iMac or iPhone and coming from classical Microsoft Windows background, than you will also need some time to adjust with iOS interface for common task. When I bring my first Apple product home, an iPad 4G with WIFI. First thing I did was to setup my Apple id with credit card details to buy some iPad apps, because that's one of the main reason of buying iPad. Opening an iPad app is very natural and intuitive, just tap your finger on it, or in simple word click on it (Ahh... I used to word click, which seems unnatural without mouse). So I learned how to open iPad apps in a few seconds, but it took me few days to learn How to close an iPad apps. Since, clicking HOME button (round button at bottom center of iPad) only minimizes iPad apps, i.e. they are running in background, they are not closed. Let's see How to close iPad Apps in 3 steps

3 Steps to close iPad Apps

1) Double click on HOME button to open task bar, if you find difficult on opening task bar in iPad, see this tutorial.
2) Now you can see all running apps in task bar as shown below :

How to close iPad Apps
3) Now keep your finger on any of this apps for longer time, until they start shaking, then you will see a (-) sign on top of all those apps. Now to close iPad Apps just click on those (-) sign, they will be closed. Remember this is similar to deleting iPad apps but clicking on (-) only close them, and doesn't remove them from iPad.

How to close Apps in iPad and iPad mini
That's all on How to Close IPad Apps guys. Remember, in order to keep your battery charged, it's better to close any iPad apps running on background, especially if you are traveling and don't get many opportunity to recharge iPad battery.

How to close running Apps on iPad, iPhone and iPad mini from iOS7
From iOS 7, there is significant change on how you use your iPad and iPhone, one of them is closing running apps. Above mentioned approach will not work if you have just updated your iPad with iOS7. We faced same issue, when my wife updated our iPad to iOs 7. We keep trying to press home button twice to see these icons but they never appeared, instead apps appear in much bigger icon. Suddenly I realized that if you put your finger on running app and then throw them up, they will be closed. Since we didn't know this trick, our  iPad battery keep getting exhausted quickly than normal 10 hours. So it looks more simple to close running apps in iOs7, here are exact steps.

1) Press home button twice
2) Running apps will appear in center of your iPad or iPhone screen
3) keep your finger on them and throw them up
4) Center screen will be replaced by next running apps
5) Keep doing this until you close all the apps you wanted to close.

I suggest always close unnecessary apps to extend your battery time, otherwise they will keep running in background and taking resources like cpu, memory and battery energy. Though iOS does good job to not let background apps consume too much resources, its always better to close not running apps.


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  2. Great Tip!
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  3. Double clicking the home button on my IPad mini 2 doesn't show a task bar. Is this something I have to enable? Thanks.


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